Websites of Interest

These are sites we are currently promoting (at the recommendation of the partners)- we plan to update this page whenever we receive new sites of interest. We would love to hear your comments or suggestions for more links. If there are any topics you wish to look at, we would try our best to find a site we could recommend.

Patient UK –  this site is produced by doctors working with an information systems company. As an EMIS practice you can access this site to book a doctor’s appointment online (once you have been given the necessary access codes from the surgery reception team)

BBC –  - well written, generally reliable information on everything from the common cold to social anxiety disorder.  A good resource for finding out about complementary therapies

Male health – - Comprehensive and clear

Sexual Health Advice -

Health website including Self help groups -

NHS Direct -

Foreign Travel Information -

Teenage Health -  

GP Practice Profile –    (new)

Shared Electronic Records –   (new)

Care Quality Commission - - Interesting website to help you understand how we are regulated and what is involved in inspections (new)

What to be wary of – websites set up by companies

Sponsored websites – these may not be bad, in fact  they are often accurate, but they may be biased, with an emphasis on medication rather than other treatments.

Online diagnosis websites – tempting to find out what is wrong by ticking boxes and submitting a form – no doctors would diagnose using a form and sites that tell you what is wrong and how to cure it are invariably selling something.