Clinics and Services

Clinics and Services

A full range of clinics are offered by the doctors and nursing team

These are by appointment only and include:

  • Asthma (you may be asked to fill out a questionnaire if you cannot attend for your reviews)
  • Diabetes
  • Family Planning
  • Maternity Services
  • Child Health (baby, immunisation and development)
  • Well Person
  • Adolescent (teenage)
  • Cytology (cervical smears)
  • Hypertension
  • Life style (heart disease prevention, alcohol, smoking, diet, weight)
  • Menopausal Advice
  • Minor Surgery
  • Phlebotomy (blood taking)

-Clinics are nurse-led and supported by the doctors.

-Appointments are on an Advanced Access basis, the same as the doctors and are available for adults and children alike.

-The duty doctor is always available should the need arise to refer on to a doctor.

NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough has created a Guide to Childhood Illnesses for parents and carers across the area. This guide covers everything parents and carers need to know about important subjects such as vaccinations, common ailments and issues, and where to go for help if your child has a medical issue. You can access the Guide to Childhood Illnesses on the Integrated Care System’s website.

Click here to visit our Child Immunisations page.

We are keen to make your clinic visit as straightforward and streamlined as possible.

The insertion of an IUD / IUS (coil) may be done at the Surgery after a consultation with the family planning a GP has taken place.  Specific clinics may be available which the GP will book you into after this discussions to ensure you are suitable and aware of the procedure.  You can also discuss other methods with us as well and ask any questions.

Please download and complete the attached consent form and bring it with you to your appointment.

Consent form for IUD/IUS Coil

We strongly recommend that you watch the following short film (approx. 8 minutes) below, as it gives you all the information you need about intra-uterine methods.

IUD/IUS Coil Video

Tailored regimes for combined hormonal contraception pill (1)

Tailored Regimes for combined Hormonal Contraception Pill (2)

Private Work Fees

The NHS provides free health care for most people.

It is important to understand that GPs are self employed and not all of the services we provide are covered by the NHS payments to the practice.

Please expect a fee for non NHS services. The staff or your doctor should inform of any charges before carrying out non NHS work.

We also offer private medicals which may be needed by any agency such as your employer or for overseas visa applications. Please contact the Practice Manager for further details. 

Request Medical Report

Other Private Services Request

Our Advanced Nurse Prescriber, Chloe Fazakerley, offers a Nurse Practitioner Clinic.

A number of these appointments will be pre-bookable, one week in advance with others available on the day. They will also be available to book “on-line” through Patient UK (open to patients with their own log on access which you can obtain from any member of our reception team).

This clinic is suitable for those presenting with coughs, colds, headaches, sore throat, aches and strains, back pain, abdominal pain, skin problems, urinary tract problems, chest pain, skin problems, as well as exacerbation of health issues such as angina, asthma, COPD, diarrhoea & vomiting and more. If you are at all unsure whether this clinic is right for you, then please do not hesitate to speak to one of our reception team first.  You may be offered an appointment with Chloe instead of a GP if the receptionist thinks it is appropriate for your needs, you can also request to be seen by Chloe.

It is worth stressing that if you have a problem that is “on-going” with a GP please continue to see him/her.

Do you need vaccinations?

Our Nurses can provide travel health advice and arrange for appropriate immunisations. We do require your forms at least 6 weeks before you travel to ensure we can assess your needs fully. If we receive your forms within the 6 weeks preceding travel you may need to attend the MASTA clinic instead of coming to the surgery. Tesco Huntingdon are now offering a travel clinic and can be contacted on 01480 707026.

Select the region you are travelling to find out more.


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Central America

Europe & Russia

Middle East

North America

South America & Antarctica

Travel Assessment

If you are travelling abroad please complete and submit the travel form in plenty of time (we recommend 6-8 weeks) before your journey.

Travel Assessment Form

Further Travel Information

The following websites will give you additional travel advice

Travel Health for information of vaccinations available on NHS

MASTA for private vaccination clinics for specific country travel advice

EHIC to apply for your free European Health Insurance Card

Travel Vaccination Prices

Travel advice is covered by the NHS; however some vaccinations and prescriptions are only available privately. Payment for non-NHS services must be made at the first travel appointment.